Leonids Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight!

Meteor Shower

The morning of November 18th (night of the 17th) will begin the peak night to watch the Leonids meteor shower, which officially started on the 6th and lasts until the 30th of November.  The new moon will be out at noon and will set at about 6pm, giving this meteor shower prime visibility. Maximum meteors: around 20 meteors per hour. Velocity: 44.1 miles/sec When: As usual: The best …

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The Newest Scoop on Rudy’s

When we initially heard reports from multiple employees that Rudy’s had been bought, we printed it up to let everyone know.  The person who owns the building and had owned the business for years wrote us very upset and demanded that we clarify that the new people he brought in and that he had been reportedly introduced as the new “owners” were …

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What the Heck is Newport Council Doing Now?

Today at the council chambers in both the 4pm Study Session AND the 7pm Council Meeting, the city council will establish an official committee to begin pushing a General Plan Update in the City of Newport Beach.  A General Plan Update is normally something that happens every 10-15 years, but this particular update is happening at a disturbing time and …

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One Year Later: Thank You

One year ago today a small team of passionate people and myself had an incredible showing against the huge and well funded political machinery in Newport Beach. As they spent approximately $500,000 in total, we spent just a fraction of that– about $30,000– and came within a margin of error of victory.   Not bad for a first try with …

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Update on the Diane Dixon Lawsuit

It’s been a long while since I updated on the lawsuit between myself and Councilwoman Diane Dixon (backstory, here:  Essentially, Dixon directed the use of taxpayer resources to conduct an investigation into an activist (that’d be me) so that she could spout bad things about them from the dais whenever they spoke against one of her unpopular measures.  Sadly for …

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Don’t Forget: “Fall Back” Sunday!

Remember that Sunday morning we set our clocks BACK by one hour, so that 1:59am happens twice in one day. Daylight savings has to do with energy savings, particularly in old factories.  By slightly adjusting the clock to account for the changes in the sunrise and sunset times, employers were able to save money on heating and electricity.  Sorry, “Simpsons” fans: it has …

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Recall Scott Peotter Group Hits Their Goal

Scott Peotter, Joy Brenner, Mike Toerge

As everyone knows, Councilman Scott Peotter has been up against a recall recently.  It all started about two years ago when he got very vocal about his outdated opposition to gay marriage.  Since his election, he has joined Councilwoman Diane Dixon on a number of controversial items including implementing a plan which got rid of the exact same number of fire rings as …

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Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween, beachdwellers! Tonight is a special night and remains one of my favorite holidays, to this day!  Remember that some people still use “live” candles in jack-o-lanterns, so baggy-clothed costumes for the young ones need to be watched carefully to ensure they don’t get too close (and also so they don’t trip!).  Inspect all candy.  Smile.  Greet your neighbors. …

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DUI Saturation Patrols this Weekend through Halloween

Newport Police

DUI Saturation Patrols are an increased visibility operation to catch and detur drunk drivers, but it is NOT a checkpoint operation.  These serve to actively arrest those who are driving under the influence– but they can also cause significant traffic delays, so if you are in a rush, be aware! This is a good time remind everyone that when you drink, please …

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Dixon’s “Trolley” Kills the Downtowner

The quirky but super-functional and omni-present free transportation system that has been on the Balboa Peninsula for years is officially being shut down in Newport Beach.  The last day of ridership will be on Halloween, Tuesday, October 31st, 2017– their two year anniversary. With a strong start as a passion project operating on thin margins by two local peninsula residents, the Downtowner grew from …

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