Taco Bell Cantina – Video and Pics

Taco Bell Naked Chicken Chalupa

As promised, this weekend when I travelled to Chicago to see some friends, I also checked out their Taco Bell Cantina, the same type of establishment whose third iteration is coming to Newport Beach. I visited on a Saturday night, and after already hearing neighbors rumbling about how much of a drunken disaster this place will be– I had to check it …

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Be Wary of Superbowl DUI Drivers (and Don’t Be one yourself!)

After the Patriots win the Superbowl tomorrow, please be careful driving home as there will be a lot of angry Falcons fans.  There will also be a lot of drunk drivers.  Don’t be one of them. The Newport Beach Police Department Traffic Unit will be conducting roving DUI/Drivers License Checkpoints on Superbowl Sunday at undisclosed locations in Newport during and following the …

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The Village Inn: A Very Strange Victory(?)

Last week, we asked for your support in helping the Village Inn to keep its business alive with modern times and put a porch out to enjoy the fresh Newport Beach air.  When we got to the meeting, a strange vibe was in the air.  It appeared that out of the blue, a compromise had been suggested.  Here’s where the …

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Cycle of Life Gives Newport Beach A Double-Whammy

As Newport grows, our old beloved businesses and buildings sometimes struggle to keep up with the times.  Rent rises, the salt water creeps into the seams of the old wooden structures, and we find ourselves sometimes wondering “whatever happened to the place I grew up in (or moved to)?” However, that’s not just the case for Newport.  Every city throughout the …

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Pet of the Week: Wayne

From the shelter:  “Wayne has been here with us for over a year.  We would really love to find him a home. Wayne was an owner surrender at the Orange County shelter when we saved him on his last day.  He is a sweetheart with people — loves everyone.  We suggest no kids only because he is strong and may …

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Dog Beach Closing Temporarily

This is the last weekend for Dog Beach! Get your winter sandals on, because as we originally reported back in September, starting this coming Monday, Dog Beach will be undergoing dredging operation designed to keep the free-flow of water rolling down the Santa Ana (and not backing up and overflowing into residential areas).  This will block off Dog Beach for at least …

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Urban Runoff Makes Water Unsafe for next 3-4 days

Urban Runoff by Tito Negron

It’s been a record-setting weekend for rainfall!  While these showers were a much-needed water for our area, it also presents a problem: urban runoff and bacterial water infestations– especially with as much rain as we have gotten recently– these are bigger concerns than a normal rain watershed. As the chemicals wash off into the ocean and the storm drains flood, it has also …

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Widespread Storm Damage

Flooding by Catalina Kurt

Holy cow, did you see that barge that was dredging Dog Beach get washed away into the ocean?  No?  Check it out, here: The barge was sunk by rough waves and runoff flows but was later recovered off of the Huntington Beach shore.  Unconfirmed reports are that it is in salvageable condition. A few boats were sunk inside the harbor too, …

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The Village Inn Needs Our Help

This Tuesday, the Village Inn on Balboa Island will be going in front of council after a battle that has cost them nearly two years just trying to get through red-tape in our beautiful city which is being run by those who proclaim to be small-government types.  They want to exchange part of an existing wall for a set of patio doors …

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Winds, Rain, Flooding, Fallen Trees, Sign Damage, and Waterfalls hit Newport Beach

Newport has been hit pretty hard with rain in the last few days, and while tomorrow won’t be dry, it will only be about a half-inch of rain, with Tuesday even lighter.  But the winds, peaking at 20mph sustained speeds, will continue all day Monday, and finally die down on Tuesday.  If you are experiencing flooding, you can pick up …

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