SaveNewport Site Goes LIVE!

Save Newport Logo

While we’ve noisily building momentum on Facebook over the last year, SaveNewport now has over 2,800 subscribers and a weekly reach of more than 35,000 people in [mostly] Newport Beach.  Some weeks, our reach peaks over 6 figures!  As a project that I started simply to help raise awareness of our city council and management, this has grown further than I had …

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Oktoberfest Arrives in Newport!

Oktoberfest Photo

“Cold Beer, Hearty Faire, Live Music, Plenty of Fun… and More Beer!” Saturday, September 27, 2014 2 pm – 5 pm For those of you who can’t make it to Germany for Oktoberfest this year, you can celebrate with the Balboa Bay Resort at their first-annual OktoberFestival – the large party will kick off the Oktoberfest season!  This will be a new, modern take …

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Coastline Classic Car Show is Today!

2014 Coastline Classic

CdM’s Coastline Classic Car Show begins today at 10am.  This classic car show benefits The Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation, and will last until 4pm today.  Tickets are $15 (kids under 12 are free), and do not include parking (shuttles provided free of cost for off-site parking) Doors open at 10am, and at 11am commentators will begin. From 10am to 2pm, the event …

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Vodka-infused Gummybears Now in Newport

Maverick's Vodka-infused Gummybears, photo by Mike Glenn

Don’t tell the non-adventurous, but Mavericks Gastro Pub on Balboa Peninsula is now serving vodka-infused gummybears, and they are dangerously delicious! (So are their burgers, fried chicken, and shockingly-delicious pickle chips!) Mavericks is a new Gastropub located on the corner of Palm and Balboa, at the location of the old Bubbles.

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Blue Whales Are Back– and In Force!

Blue Whale, photo by Velvet Park

Huge numbers for blue whales sightings recently, with the warm waters of the coming El Nino pushing them up from their normal habitats.  Combined local counts in the last week (8/31 – 9/5) show: 10 blue whales, 3 Fin Whales, many thousands of common dolphin and a few dozen bottlenose dolphin spotted off Newport’s coast alone. These numbers suggest that there …

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More “Hurricane Waves”, this weekend!

Balboa's Wedge, photo credit unknown

Today’s waves at the Wedge are courtesy of Hurricane Norbert. Expect 12 foot waves at the Wedge, with occasional 15 footers (or more!). High tide will be at 7pm today, just in time to begin your wave-filled weekend! High tide on Saturday will be at both 8:10am and 7:45pm. Sunday afternoon’s waves will be the peak of the sessions, with …

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Newport Beach Tsunami Alarm Test

Emergency Sirens on Balboa Peninsula

Newport has a set of three sirens on Balboa Peninsula, primarily designed for tsunami warnings– but can be activated for any major situation. The sirens are located as the image shows: The Wedge, by 15th and Bay, and West Newport by 60th & Seashore. The first Friday of each month (that’s today!) a test is conducted at noon. If you …

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RINOs: Not an endangered species in Newport

RINOs Run Rampant in Newport

DONT VOTE for these people who have poisoned our city with bad policy, toxic spending, increased taxes, violations of Prop13, and have somehow managed to double the total debt of the city in the last 10 years– almost unbelievably more than the other 95 years of Newport’s history, combined. Members of our awful council currently up for election in November …

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Reef of Trash Washes Ashore

Used Tire Reef experiment

Yesterday, the tide washed up an embarrassing story for our city. In 1988, an inventor from France created an “artificial reef” comprised of 1,500 used tires off the coast of Balboa Peninsula. The storm caused by the hurricane blew these tires ashore. It took nearly an hour for the “gunk” to wash off of them. There was no life growing …

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DUI Checkpoint Friday Night

Newport Beach Police

Newport Beach PD will be conducting a DUI checkpoint at an undisclosed location tomorrow, Friday the 29th between 8pm and 3am. DUI Checkpoints are claimed to reduce drunk driving mostly by deterrent, but also serve to actively arrest those who are driving under the influence. This is a good time remind everyone that when you drink, please call a taxi …

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