Historic Newport

Throwback: Balboa Ferry

Balboa Ferry

Have you ridden on the Balboa Ferry? OF COURSE YOU HAVE! Here’s a look at what the second ferry looked like, the first time they started accepting automobiles (yes, that is a boat pushing a floating dock with a car on it!) Do you have any photos of the historic Balboa Ferry?

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Throwback: Early Balboa Island

Balboa Island 1915

In this photo taken just 99 years ago, we see Balboa Island as it was when Collins shaped it, with just a few homes in sight. Do you have any favorite photos of old Balboa Island?        

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Throwback: The Grand Canal

Grand Canal courtesy Balboa Island Historical Society

Do you know the cool story about how Balboa Island got the Grand Canal? What do you think? Would you prefer Collin’s vision, or the way it is today? The story might be cooler than the canal itself! An excerpt from the book “Newport Beach’s Balboa and Balboa Island“ by Jeff Delaney: “The Grand Canal between Balboa Island and the …

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Throwback: Ruben E Lee

Ruben E Lee, photo credit unknown

The Reuben E Lee was around a lot longer than us, but in December of 2012, it sank in San Diego harbor. Do you have fond memories of this floating restaurant and entertainment boat? Any guesses as to when it started?

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Throwback: Karam’s

Karam's, photo credit unknown

Do you remember Karam’s restaurant? It used to be the creme de la creme of Newport dining, with valets dressed in full tuxedos. Here at Karam’s in 1953 was a fundraiser for George Hoag to see if he could kick-off efforts to build a new hospital in the area. It apparently went pretty well for a first-event, raising $100 per …

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Throwback: Building the Jetties

First Rock on Jetty, Sept 10, 1917, photo credit unknown

While “throwback” photos are usually reserved for Tuesdays and Thursdays, tomorrow is a much more meaningful day for everyone.  Instead, please enjoy this photo on a more positive anniversary: 97 years ago today, we laid the first rocks down for our jetties.

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Throwback: Cal Worthington

Cal Worthington with his dog spot, photo credit unknown

Everyones favorite car salesman, Cal Worthington, with his “dog, Spot”. While they were retired in the mid 80s, the memories of all the “Spots” live on! Cal left us September 9th, 2013 at the age of 92. Did you ever call Cal when you needed a car?

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