Historic Newport

Throwback: Fashion Island

Fashion Island

I don’t have a date for this photo in the archive, but this appears to be Fashion Island back before everything got built up. Do you have any idea what date this may have been? Click to enlarge photo below

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End of Prohibition Anniversary (and Newport’s role!)

Repeal of the 18th

Did you know that Newport has always been filled with mavericks who do what they want?  Even during prohibition, Balboa Peninsula’s geography made it perfectly suited to run speakeasys.  The Ritz Theatre (now Balboa Theater) was a speakeasy, as was the Balboa Pavilion, and many other famous but short-lived “pop-up” shops in the area.  The mainstay speakeasys were no small …

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Throwback: Fun Zone

Very Old Newport

“Your very own piece of Balboa for only THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS- and its all just a Ferry ride away” Taken from Pavilion area towards Bay Island (that’s Bay Island in the upper-right) Any guesses on the timeframe of this photo?  From the looks of it, this was way before the Fun Zone we came to know and love!

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Throwback: Red Car

Did you know that the Red Line used to run from Los Angeles all the way down to Balboa Pavillion? Wouldn’t that have been nice for last weeks Thanksgiving traffic? Here is the old Balboa Red Car at Orange Empire Railroad Museum in Perris:   And, of course, the Red Line back in its heyday:

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Throwback: Gas Prices

Think the gas prices are low now?  These prices are in cents– not dollars. Photo taken on 17th and Irvine, 1973 Do you remember the gas lines, and the odd and even numbered plate days?

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Throwback: Rendezvous Ballroom

Rendezvous Ballroom

Rendezvous Ballroom, once on the corner of Palm and Ocean (where the condos are today). Twice destroyed by fire (January 27, 1935 and August 7th, 1966), both times because someone left a cigarette smoldering inside a couch after everyone closed up shop for the night. Are you seasoned enough to remember the Rendezvous Ballroom?

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Throwback: Lifeguards

Lifeguards in Newport

Lifeguards have been protecting Newport’s waters for decades and decades. This throwback photo captures lifeguards in either 1940 or 1960, depending on who you ask.  Which one do you think it is?

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