Historic Newport

Throwback: Footloose (31 years ago)


Whoops, we missed this anniversary!  On February 17, 1984, “Footloose” was released.  This movie was released over 30 years ago, making fun of a small, backwards town whose City Council was literally trying to ban dancing and rock music. Thankfully, America has grown in the last three decades and we now realize that music and dancing are actually enjoyed by human beings …

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Throwback: Lido Theatre to Lido Live

Lido Theatre

The Lido Theatre was opened in 1938, and the first film it played was Bette Davis in “Jezebel”. The reason for that was Davis lived nearby in Corona Del Mar and traveled by the site daily. Upon stopping by, she told the owner “they had better open with my picture.” And they did. Davis also is responsible for the sitting parlor …

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Throwback: Balboa. The Historic Fun Town.

Dick Dale Plays at the Rendevous Ballroom

Balboa has been known to be the center of entertainment for the better part of a century. Built on a fishing and shipping industry, this beautiful spot gave the start to some of the worlds most famous personalities– even including the Righteous Brothers, and Dick Dale, pictured here.  Heck, all the way back to the 1930s we were even inventing international dance …

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Reagan’s Birthday, and Newport’s History

Today is Ronald Reagan’s birthday– but did you know of the local role our beach culture played in the ascension of arguably the greatest president in generations? Most people don’t know this, but Reagan got his start as a sports announcer for the Chicago Cubs during their Spring Training. Where did they train? Wrigley field, of course! No, not that …

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Throwback: All Quiet on the Western Front

All Quiet on the Western Front

On this day 86 years ago, the movie “All Quiet on the Western Front” was released. Did you know that this movie was filmed just above Corona del Mar? Here’s a photo of the original movie poster: . . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .

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Throwback: Catalina’s Ning Po

Ning Po in Catalina

Ernie Minney, owner of Minney’s Yacht Surplus, remembers a simpler time in Newport.  But he also is keen to remember the potential dangers of open water.  Catalina Harbor’s famous waters still hold the skeletons of a boat called Ning Po, which stranded there after a particularly bad storm, and then burned there in 1938, relinquishing its title of “oldest ship still sailing”, …

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Throwback: The Arches

The Arches - 1955

Here’s the Arches, circa 1955. (courtesy OCHS) Do you remember when Newport looked like this? We’ve certainly grown up a lot, but there is something to say for the history of this beautiful city!

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Throwback: Castaways, 1955

Castaways 1955

It’s crazy to see this photo of Castaways from the mid 50s. Do you remember it looking anything like this? It’s just down the way, and you can still easily recognize this photo, but it really seems like a different world!

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Throwback: Blackies

Blackies in 1929 or 1939

This photo of Blackies says it is from 1939, but friends have said that judging by the cars I think it was more like 1929. Do you know your cars? What do you think?

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