Dog Beach Raided… on Independence Day (This time, under Mayor Duffy Duffield)

In an unbelievable turn of events, 2018-Mayor Duffy Duffield has picked up where 2016-mayor Diane Dixon left off: Having police attempt to close Newport’s last remaining Dog Beach, which has been operating as such for 101 years, this year.

By conducting a coordinated raid with County agents, Newport PD and OC officials blazed through sacred doggyland with firearms at their hips, forcing people to leave the place where they decided to celebrate their independence from oppressive governments at 10am on the 4th of July.


As you may remember, back in 2015, Newport Beach Councilwoman Diane Dixon attempted to shut down Dog Beach in order to give a few of her campaign “bundlers” their own “private beach”.  The official reasons used were:
– “Safety” (someone literally said that dogs routinely entered their homes through their unlocked doors and to eat their children)
– “Pickup” (as anyone knows who is out there, there is less dog waste per foot than just about anywhere else in Newport)
– “Parking” (surprise: we live by the beach; there is no parking).

After significant effort, we got the county to agree to making Dog Beach an “official” Dog Beach with a unanimous 5-0 vote with four council members showing up in Santa Ana and publicly stating how great of a community asset Dog Beach is.

Under the leadership of 2017-Mayor Kevin Muldoon, the City Council also voted to leave the city’s side “as-is”, eliminating the aggressive government policies instituted under the 2016-Mayor, Diane Dixon.

Now, after many years of “status-quo”, under the new 2018-Mayorship of Duffy Duffield, Dog Beach is once again under full-fledged attack.  The first incidents occurred in mid-May, and most recently, we had an unprecedented coordination between City Police and County Workers to sweep Dog Beach on the very day that we celebrate our independence from oppressive governments: On 10am on the 4th of July– as if police had nothing better to do than to stop dogs from being happy on Dog Beach.

So what did Duffy have to say about this enforcement on the May 28th and mid-June enforcement, and the 4th of July under his watch, when the Newport Beach Police Department forcefully removed dogs and their owners from Dog Beach in tandem with Orange County enforcement officials?  After calls, texts, and emails after each of these events, Duffy has not responded to a single one of them, and the attacks continue under his watch.  He can’t claim he didn’t know– he can only claim he knew and did nothing, or knew and endorsed it.  Either way, it is clear that it is time to take this matter into our own hands with the tool of a voter initiative, instead of trusting our local politicians to keep their word like we did last time around.

IF YOU HAVE PHOTOS OF VIDEO OF THIS EVENT OR OTHERS, PLEASE EMAIL THEM TO MIKE.GLENN@DEVION DOT COM.  If you see this type of activity in the future, PLEASE video it and send it to us.

We have many Public Document Request Acts pending with both the City and the County, and the timelines seem to keep getting pushed back, but rest assured we are going to fight this new attempt by Dixon and her cronies and will stop their attempts to dismantle this stretch of land which has been used as a Dog Beach for over one hundred years.

This time around, we aren’t going to stop until we get this codified into law by a voter initiative.  We will be crafting the language and developing a strategy on this over the coming weeks.  We will need your help in saving this historic Newport gem.  Please be prepared to help us collect signatures in the coming months.  Please help spread the word.  We are going to keep digging on this and as soon as our Public Document Requests come back, we will name names and point you to exactly where the blame lies, with all the documentation to prove it.

Until then, please share and sign this petition below to SAVE DOG BEACH:


Do not ban off-leash dogs at dog beach!!! Regulars at Dog Beach know that off-leash dogs are not problematic. If, there are some which are, then address the problem dogs.
If there are problems with waste, address those who create those problems.

The public OVERWHELMINGLY supports keeping DOG BEACH a place for DOGS. Newport Beach has some of the longest coastline in Southern California and Dog Beach only accounts for roughly 100 yards. Let dogs have their small stretch of beach.



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