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Barge Backup Reaches Newport

Barges on Newport Horizon, Photo By: Into The Woods Photography

NEWPORT BEACH – As a single drop of water in a placid lake makes a ripple, same is true for the Southern California ports. On June 30, 2014 the contract for the International Longshoremen & Warehouse Union and waterfront employees was set to expire. What started off as a typical union contract renewal turned into a event that crippled the …

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Lights Out At 11pm: City Touts Even More Misleading Info


Last Council meeting, city officials admitted that their crime stats per-capita for Balboa Peninsula were misleading.  They admitted that while 84% of crime is committed by non-Newporters, they simply did not include those people in the per-capita stats.  If we are going to compile stats including non-resident crime, then we should include non-resident counts for people, too. Conversely, if we do not …

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PCH Road Work: It’ll Continue for at Least One More Year.

Road Work

At Tuesday night’s town hall with Diane Dixon, it was revealed that the road work on PCH would not be completed this fall, as originally planned.  In fact, it was stated that if they encounter absolutely perfect conditions and no more unknowns/surprises, that this will finish up towards the end of spring, next year.  So do yourself a favor and get familiar …

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Freedom Prevails at Woody’s Wharf!

Woody's Wharf Sign Newport Beach Picture

Yesterday afternoon during a special session of Council, Councilmember Duffy joined Mayor Selich and Councilmen Peotter and Muldoon in voting to withdraw the petition to appeal the Woody’s verdict to the California Supreme Court. Here’s the play-by-play: 1) Then-Councilman Mike Henn illegally voted to ban dancing at Woody’s Wharf (he had already shown his bias, and refused to recuse himself) 2) Woody’s fought the …

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Dixon’s Fire Ring Proposal Shot Down By Majority

Family by the Fire Rings, photo credit unknown

Just like the Lights Out at 11pm, Dixon brought the fire rings proposal up for a vote at the last minute.  Unlike the Lights Out proposal, the city had it posted for LESS than 72 hours.  All 72 hours are legally required by the Brown Act, but the page holding the information was offline for a whopping 23 hours.  Despite this very clear legal requirement, the …

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DUI Checkpoint on Friday

Newport Police

The Newport Beach Police Department Traffic Unit will be conducting a DUI/Drivers License Checkpoint on Friday, March 13th, 2015 at an undisclosed location in Newport between the hours of 8:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. DUI Checkpoints are claimed to reduce drunk driving mostly by deterrent, but also serve to actively arrest those who are driving under the influence. This is a …

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“Lights Out at 11pm”: A Show of Force at City Hall

Town Hall, stock photo

Email Address: $5 $10 $25 $50 $75 $99 Other Other:$ “Lights off at 11pm”: It’s the event that the whole city was talking about, and last night, we really had a show of force with the city.  Tuesday night, speakers from all parts of the city showed up to talk.  There were bar owners, brewers, patrons, real estate agents, brokers, …

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Two Papers in Two Days!

Thumbs Up by Mike Glenn

AWESOME! We made Two papers in two days! 1) On Friday, the Newport Beach Independent came out with my commentary in their Forum section which debunks the so-called “reasons” for “Lights Out After 11pm” (aka “Balboa Overlay”). You can read it as the top story, here: 2) Saturday, the Daily Pilot published a bit in their Mailbag section describing the …

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American Flag

Our friends at the OC Register have this story covered best right now.  A vote of 4-1 has vetoed the flag ban at UCI.  More details here:

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Dixon Puts Fire Rings to A Vote… Again.

Family by the Fire Rings, photo credit unknown

Only 6 short weeks after a majority voted to restore the fire rings, Councilwoman Diane Dixon has decided– at the last minute– to put this measure back on the agenda, yet again.  You usually don’t put the item back on the agenda until you think you have the votes to carry out your wishes, so she may have convinced a weak link to …

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