Mike Glenn

Mike is the founder and publisher of Save Newport and Chair of Government Relations for the Elks Lodge. He writes, shoots photos, and edits, but much of the time, he's just "the IT guy". He can be reached at: Google+, Facebook, or via email, at michael.glenn@devion.com

Last Day to Register to Vote!

In Newport Beach we have a population of about 87,000 people, and a whopping 32,000 of them aren’t even registered to vote.  Today is the last day to register vote!  If you are not registered by 5pm today, you will be unable to vote in this upcoming election.  You can register online right here, in just 60 seconds: http://savenewport.com/vote I spoke with …

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The Great Pacific Air Show on for Today and this Weekend

If you were looking for some peace and quiet on the beach, it ain’t happening today or this weekend!  It is the third annual air show in Huntington Beach, for the first time this year it is renamed the Great Pacific Air Show. It begins today at 11 and will last until 4, but you can anticipate the show to …

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What About that Weather, Though?

In the last few days we’ve had rain, thunderstorms, one heck of a 360-degree lightning show, 65mph winds, and a “red fire” warning lasting until 8 p.m. last night. The rain was much needed. The thunderstorms were soothing. The lightning show was amazing. But that Santa Ana wind.  That was something else.  The last time we had gusts like that, …

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BREAKING: Man Found Dead in Pool of Blood on 15th St Lifeguard Tower

This morning, at about 8 a.m., Newport Beach Police Department came to attend a call for an unresponsive victim sitting on the lifeguard tower on 15th Street. Upon arriving, it was clear that the man had expired. A pool of blood below the tower indicated that this was probably from a gunshot, whether self-inflicted or from a murder is unknown …

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After Voting to Ban Pot, Mayor Duffy Grows Pot and Councilman Peotter Takes Pot Money… No, Seriously.

A bold claim like this needs a lot of references, so be prepared for a lot of citations. In a bombshell of an election-year scandal, our Mayor, Duffy Duffield, has been found to be growing the exact same plant that he prohibited other people from growing in 2015 (http://savenewport.com/2015/11/10/pot-ban-drug-cartels/ — which did cause a crime increase, as we predicted), and …

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I Have Filed to Run Against Diane Dixon for her Council Seat

Vote Mike Glenn

This year, Diane Dixon is up for re-election.  I waited to see if anyone else would file to run against her, but she has sufficiently terrified people from running, especially when she showed her true colors, using taxpayer resources in an attempt to defame people simply for not supporting one of her initiatives. So, approximately 15 minutes before the bell …

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Did You See SpaceX’s Rocket this Weekend?

First, let me apologize for my lack of updates.  As you may know, SaveNewport is a one-man-show, and I got into a pretty fun bicycling accident about a week ago and have been basically immobile since, with a lot more pain that I care to admit.  Don’t worry, just a bunch of superficial wounds and a lot of swelling.  I …

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Buccaneer Days is Just Arrrrrrr-ound the Corner

Ahoy mateys!  From Thursday October 4th through Sunday October 7th, Buccaneer Days will be celebrating their 29th anniversary in Two Harbors on Catalina Island. This festival of pirates began as an unofficial event, with no booty required for boarding.  As time went on, the event became more organized, much to the shivering timbers of many members from the original group, as …

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Last Weekend for Sol Grill!

If you love Sol Grill, you better get in this weekend, because their original location is closing on Sunday evening! They are relocating to 2400 W Coast Highway and will be closed for about a month as they get everything in order over there. Last call for their original meatballs at the pier location– see you there?

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Is the Crime in Newport Really at its “Lowest Ever”?

Crime Report

Recently, the incumbents have been touting that Newport has the “Lowest Crime Rate Ever”.  They said the same thing in 2015, so let’s see if the math adds up. As you may know, I run a software development company, so I have some tools available at my disposal that most people don’t have.  The NBPD has a feature where you …

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