Total Lunar Eclipse Sunday & King Tides Monday

Tonight we we have a lunar eclipse, and tomorrow we have some of the biggest King Tides in years!

Today, at 6:36pm the prenumbral eclipse will begin.  While you probably won’t notice any difference except a slight shade alteration in the moon, you will really begin to see the changes at 7:33pm, when the partial eclipse begins.

At 8:41pm, the total eclipse will happen until 9:43pm, peaking in the middle, at 9:12pm.

The partial will end at 10:50, and the prenumbral will end at 11:48, with the moon restoring to it’s normal, unshadowed state after that.

Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse

Monday morning, though, be aware of our largest King Tide event in a long time, with tides reaching 6.8 feet above the mean tide, and dropping to a whopping 1.7 feet below normal late on in the day, schedule here:

2019-01-21  8:33 AM PST    6.8 feet  High Tide
2019-01-21  3:51 PM PST   -1.7 feet  Low

As always, if you have a dock that is an older build, you can weigh it down by putting garbage cans filled with water on it so that it doesn’t disconnect from its pilings and float off into the harbor.  So get your cameras ready because between the moon Sunday night and the tides tomorrow morning and eve, we’ve got some spectacular photo events coming up!



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