Sol Grill has Re-Opened… on PCH!

Sol Grill has departed their original location which they had for 20 years and has opened their second location on PCH– the new place is still has family-friendly funky vibes that was so fun and familiar the old digs, but this time, they have nearly double the seating capacity.

The most important thing?  Their filet-mignon meatballs are still as delicious as ever!  (Their sangria is pretty darn good, too!)

The new location actually opened on November 1st, but alas, we’ve been slow on the draw covering election stuff for the last few weeks.  However, with meatballs like this, I know you’ve been waiting for the news, and we didn’t want to leave you hanging!

The new location is at the old Jack Shrimp location, at 2400 West Coast Highway, and is open at 5pm until 10pm each night of the week.

So get on in there, say hello to the owner, Misty, and grab some of those meatballs you’ve been craving since the first location was closed to prep for the move!



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