Duffy Wishes to Clarify his Marijuana Ban & his Marijuana Grow

In an email, Politician Duffy Duffield told me that he wants to clarify his Marijuana Grow Operation.

Politician Duffy claims that the only reason he partitioned his land to be a growing facility was to sell it off, that zoning it for pot grow increased the value, and that he totally, seriously, absolutely does not grow pot.  He just wants to sell his land to pot growers, and has prepared it as such.

This claim is in spite of him applying, paying for, receiving, and currently holding a non-transferable marijuana growing license with the state of California, after he banned marijuana growing in his own city.

I want to make note that this is the same mayor who claimed he would reduce spending at City Hall, but has increased it to the tune of $55m per year.

I want to make note that this is the person who wrote into the county and attended meetings stating he would save Dog Beach, but now continues to try to close it.

I want to make note that this is the same person who said he would reduce staff at City Hall, but then raised the numbers (simultaneously, the “contractors” at city hall ballooned significantly).

I want to make note that this is the same person who said that he wanted to reduce the unfunded pension liability, but in the last 4 years, it has increased by nearly $20m per year– even though he claims they are “aggressively paying it down”– all while authorizing insane raises to current employees, like his Newport Beach Dog Catcher, who taxpayers spent over $180,000 on last year.

I want to make note that this is the same person who won an election based on “Stopping the Dock Tax”, but then affirmed the Dock Tax.

And I especially want to make note that this is all coming from the same person who– when Dixon made personal, willful, and provable false claims against me– sat and voted in closed session to use taxpayer dollars ($16,000+!) to hire outside lawyers so she wouldn’t have to issue a simple apology for what a judge ultimately ruled were lies– because apparently people shouldn’t be concerned with the truth when someone else speaks ill of them.

Unless, however, you’re Politician Duffy.  Then those same rules don’t apply.

Now that Duffy has become a politician-extraordinaire, I’m sure we can trust him just the same as before he was a politician.  Right?

So instead of the headline reading:
“After Voting to Ban Pot, Mayor Duffy Grows Pot and Councilman Peotter Takes Pot Money… No, Seriously.”
perhaps it should have read
“After Voting to Ban Pot, Mayor Duffy Seeks Pot Money and Councilman Peotter is Helping Him Do So.”

Or, maybe it was right all along, just like when Rudy’s sold and the owner got really angry about us reporting it and wanted us to do a retraction.

So, Politician Duffield, there’s your “clarification”, and everything is laid out for you.  I wish you would have showed the same courtesy to someone else when Dixon was lying about them from the dais… but hey– that’s politicians for ya, right?



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