Emergency Sirens on Balboa Peninsula
Emergency Sirens on Balboa Peninsula

Tsunami Sirens Going to be Tested for the First Time

Tomorrow (Friday, May 4th, at noon), Newport’s Tsunami Warning System will be tested for the very first time since installation over a decade ago.

The city claims that they regularly test these sirens on the First Friday of each month, but they have only ever really tested to see whether or not the sirens rotate– not whether or not they can make a sound.  This time ‘around, the city intends to make sure that the sound from the sirens reach the intended coverage areas.  If you are older than 45 or grew up near a military base, do you remember the old “air raid siren” tests?  Be prepared for that.

The sirens are located as the image shows: The Wedge, by 15th and Bay, and West Newport by 60th & Seashore.

If the sirens are heard in the community and it is not the first Friday of the month, community members should tune their radios to 107.9 KWVE and await further instructions.

So share this with your friends and neighbors– there will be no impending disaster.  But if there is, this is what the warning sound like!



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