“The Porch” Closes, After 6 Years

Sunday night, a locals hidden favorite, “The Porch” made its final closure after 6 years of business in the community under that name.  While we have not been able to confirm many details, it appears that a bakery in Santa Barbara purchased the land and the lease, and will be setting up shop there in a few weeks.  Currently, there are no details as to the shop hours, whether or not the employees will remain or be replaced, whether the menu will be retained, what food they will sell, or whether or not they will keep the name.

As many people enjoyed the outdoor patio for drinks, dining, and cigars, this was a unique establishment in the city and for years gave a rare feeling of “home” to so many.  (And their french fries were otherworldly!  Yes: I’m such a commoner.)

Previously, the building was home to Arches for a short time after they left their spot on PCH and before they moved off Dover, where Cafe Gratitude is today.

The owners of The Porch also own The Dock, which I have been told they have no intent to sell, close, or modify.

This post will be updated as I receive new information about the locations reopening.

When was the last time you were at The Porch?



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