Balboa's Wedge, photo credit unknown
Balboa's Wedge, photo credit unknown

Big Surf & Riptides Today through Thursday

The Wedge sure took a pounding this weekend with waves generated by a South Pacific storm, and tomorrow, Wedge waves are projected to be 8-10ft these will be the highest of the current South swell peaks.

Surfline predicts 6-7ft waves, and we can expect the structure of The Wedge to double those sizes, with this particular swell peaking on Thursday!  But find your parking spot now, because The National Weather Service has forecasted “extended period of extremely hot temperatures” to remain for the Inland Empire until Wednesday.

We are experiencing the years first King Tide Friday and Saturday, so elevated surf heights and minor tidal overflow are possible at local beaches, according to the National Weather Service report.

Remember, with big waves come equally big Rip Currents, so warn others of their presence and know how to identify them and deal with them.

Above all, have fun safely in the water, or from the shore and please don’t be the one that needs rescuing.  Newport lifeguards made 511 assists and 44 rescues this weekend– an astounding average of about one every 4 minutes on a 16-hour day.  Stay safe, enjoy the surf, and have fun!



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