The Biggest Sea Disaster off the Coast of Newport? Not really…

Today between 10am and 3pm, the biggest ocean disaster drill in 20 years will be happening off the coast of Newport Beach, at the mouth of the bay towards CdM.   This drill will utilize land-, sea- and air-based emergency response teams and from the federal, state, county and local governments.

The simulation will be of a boating accident in CdM and a smaller scene at Crystal Cove– as well as the Harbor Patrol station on Bayside drive.

“Public agencies plan for emergencies and continually test those plans, but it’s important that we also periodically test our coordinated response.  We do that at the county level every several years, but we appreciate the opportunity to work with our partners at the federal and state level as well.”, said Assistant Newport Beach Fire Chief Rob Williams.

So no, the world isn’t ending, and this will be a fun thing to watch if you are in the area!

The exercise is funded by a federal grant the city of Newport Beach obtained from the Urban Areas Security Initiative.




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