Newport Wedge by Sean Olsen
Newport Wedge by Sean Olsen

“Mega Monday” brings Monster Waves

Today is the peak of the Big Swell, with the swell pushing in from dead-south, bringing 10-14ft waves to the big beaches and 20ft waves being generated at The Wedge– estimates which many claim are noticeably low.

Last night’s swell overtook much of the sandbars in the area north/west of the Balboa Pier, creating a lake-like scene, shown here:

Balboa Lake Refilling Balboa Lake

The peak today will be at 11am and 10:23am, and winds will be picking up to a blistering 20mph at around 2pm, and continuing with 15mph winds until after 5pm.

The violent waves are also expected to carry with them very forceful undertows, so please don’t assume the calm waters are safe.  The waves are also likely to lose their shape with the winds, so surfing is not advised.  Sunday, the Wedge was red-flagged for the first time I can recall this year.

So bring your cameras, bring your friends, and check out these monsters today– but please don’t bring your boards.  These waves are no joke.



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